About Constellation Work

Why use constellations?

We are all interconnected to others – our ancestors, our family, friendships, colleagues. Our connections give our lives meaning and belonging. However, these bonds can create entanglements which can affect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  Energy becomes stuck making it difficult to change, heal or let go of patterns which are unhealthy or harmful.

Constellations can help us to explore the dynamics and entanglements underlying our personal difficulties and give insights and new perspectives enabling us to move forward in our  lives.

What happens in a constellation?

Every facilitator will have their individual way of working that is unique to them. However, usually in a group constellation people will bring an ‘issue’. The ‘issue holder’ (client) will choose group members as representatives for people or other elements of the system. The representatives are used as markers which show the relationship between the elements.

The deep feelings and physical experiences of the representatives are important as they give information about the hidden dynamics underlying issues. They are not playing a role or acting a story. They are being affected by the energy field created during a constellation, known as ‘the knowing field’. 

From these insights the client may feel the issue has been resolved or they feel their perception of the issue has changed. They usually feel clearer about how to move forwards.

Representatives in constellations often find they have experienced insights into their own issues while representing and thereby also have a deeply moving and helpful experience.

There is no set time for a constellation – it can take a few minutes or over an hour. In a day workshop there can usually be 4 to 5 constellations.